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Water Saving Soil Amendment-Rice Hull Ash

Rice Hull Ash is engineered for the customer who is looking

for a unique green, renewable, sustainable product. Capable of quick absorption of water in the soil, water is held and released as the plants require.

Rice Hull Ash has the ability to hold water in sandy soils as well as break up clay soils to allow for increased root depth and improved plant health and growth.

  • Extends Plant shelf life / less watering for the consumer in a container

  • Four lbs. of our product holds one gallon of water

  • Exceptional absorption

  • Remains in soil indefinitely after one application

  • Excellent wicking properties

  • Excellent water releasing characteristics

  • Easy application & no maintenance

  • Save water using less 

Water Saving Soil Amendment-Rice Hull Ash

"Our Salvia plants with American Hydrosoil are only getting three minutes of water daily and are growing as good with more leaves than the ones getting six minutes of watering"

Jose Macias - (Macias Nursery)

Rice Hull Ash lab results

chemical analysis provided from JR Peters

Cannabis Bud Grown in
Rice Hull Ash
comparison vs control

  • Grown outdoors Southern in California

  • Planted in 25 Gallon Smart Pot

  • RHA Watered with ½ the water compared to control.

Moving forward Grower switching all production to 12 lbs. per cu yard Indoor Grow, 22 lbs. per CY outdoor grow

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